Mike Stud – Wall Street (prod. Louis Bell)

Mike Stud drops off some new material for his fans on Sunday. Produced by Louis Bell, this brand new jam is titled, “Wall Street.”

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Mike Stud – Lyrics Wall Street Lyrics:

Could’ve been on Wall Street
Should’ve been on a ball team
Could give a fuck about y’all team
Cause I don’t really feel none of y’all, morphine
Wall street (x6)
Now my stock rising, got they eyes on me

[Verse 1]
Had drive since the car seat
Now it’s floor seats for the posse
And if you’re asking what it costs me
Honestly nothing because they comp me
Killin’ em softly, this ain’t a movie but I’m on the reel
Still with a few G’s like I’m Lauryn Hill
The summer tour net a quarter mill and I’m touring still
Pocket full of foreign bills
I’m talking cake, that Niykee Heaton, that Jen Selter
Ooh, sweet Jesus
And my lawyer said don’t sign no release
We call ’em the Middle East cause they all want a piece


[Verse 2]
We at the parties with the passwords
On the rocks, whaddup Adler
The jacket full of green like the Masters
Tryna smoke, find the hoes, then we ghost (Casper)
Now we can’t remember shit, Alzheimer’s
Burn so many joints, you’d think I was arthritis
Better call Midas cause you won’t get a break from me
Your girl a layup, so is mine, so I’ll take the three
Late night, let ’em in, doorman, let ’em in
Send ’em up, get it in, run it back, Edelman
And that’s why I don’t fuck with Tinder, man
Cause one screenshot, then it’s up on Instagram, damn


[Verse 3]
At 21 I had a midlife crisis
But I ain’t lose my head, this ain’t ISIS
I just stayed the course, I just paid it forward
Didn’t plan it but didn’t panic and now I’m making more
Fuck dollars, I need commas
Fuck promise, I need progress
And nowadays I just rage then I get the bill
Hit the stages then I get some Ks like I’m pitching still
And I’mma win, you more like Seattle
Cause when it matters you ain’t running shit, you Pete Carroll
I’m young and I’m fucking the game up, I’m making my way up
Straight up, I stay up
Like that plane from Malaysia



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